Artists Allowing Santa Hats!

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Artists Allowing Santa Hats!

Post by Rhonda on Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:30 pm

The following artists have given full permission for you to add Santa Caps to their non-holiday artwork. A new file has been created on the MPT yahoo group in the files section to include this new information.

The following artists allow "santa caps" to be added
to their non-holiday artwork.

Alex Franco
Andreas Rocha
Anna Liwanag
Artzy Basheff

Baron Von Lind
Big Chris

Carlos Cartagena
Carri Travis
Crystalex Graphics

Dark Yarrow
Denis Rino
Diana Martinez

Erica Reis Currey
Eugene Rzhevskii

John Schwegel
Justice Howard

Kim Draper

Lindsey Cormier

Marco Guaglione
Mark Blanton
Mark Gerardi
Matt Hughes
Maxine Gadd
Michael Calandra
Michael Dipascale
Mike James
Misty Benson

Nicolas Rivet (includes Nils Kamafun Series)
Nikki Burnette

Ray Leaning
Regan Kubecek
Rene Kunert

Simon Han

Tim Lowery

Unholy Vault Designs

Valerie DeMichel

Wendy Kathleen


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