Sheila's Contest Tutorial ~Tagging Diva's~

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Sheila's Contest Tutorial ~Tagging Diva's~

Post by sheila on Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:00 pm

Black Night

This tutorial was written in PSP9, and for those who have a working knowledge of PSP.
Artwork is by ©️ Jennifer Janesko WWW.JANESKO.COM
Do not use this artwork without a proper license, please visit to purchase license.

Supplies needed:
Tube of choice,
Black Night kit from Jaelop Designs, thank you so much Jael.
Black Night
Front of choice I used Heather font found HERE
My tag template frame, download HERE

No outside filters needed, PSP effects used was drop shadow, mosaic glass and noise effect.

~Let’s get started~

1. Open a new image blank 700 x 700 flood fill with white.
2. Open my tag template frame, copy & paste as a new layer.
3. Using your magic wand selection tool click inside, go selections modify, expand by 2.
4. Copy & paste your tube as a new layer under the frame layer, move it up and over till it aligns with the frame. Don’t deselect the frame yet.
5. Open JD Paper 5, resize it, by going to image resize, starting on percent, and set it on 95%. Then under percent choose pixels, it should have 3420, change it to 600. Then copy & paste the paper under your tube layer, go to selections, invert and hit the delete button on your keyboard. Now you can select none.
6. Go up to the frame layer, selections, select all, selections, float, selections, defloat.
7. Open JD Paper, resize like we did in step 5. Copy & paste as a new layer, selections invert, hit the delete key. Then using your mouse click on the frame layer in your palette, right click and click on delete, say yes to the pop up box.
8. Still on the papered frame layer, in your layer palette, right click and duplicate. On the duplicated layer, go to effects, texture effects, and find mosaic glass, using these settings
50, 50, symmetric checked, 50, 0, 2, and 50 see below

9. Now move this mosaic glass layer below the paper layer in your palette, then go up to layers, duplicate, and image, mirror, then right click on this layer and merge down, rename this layer mosaic glass, but it’s not necessary.
10. Go back up to the original frame layer, drop shadow of choice, I used 2, 2, 45, and 5 color black, same drop shadow on the tube layer.
11. Open JD Elements 19 and 21 copy & paste, resize by 20 percent. I also added element 20, resized by 20 percent, same drop shadow, I went to image, free rotate, 70 degrees right, move this flower below the black & white flowers, and then duplicate the black flower layer, move this layer below the first white flower layer and the original black flower layer will be on top of your layer palette, arranging these into a triangular.
See below how I placed mine, no need to rename the layers.

12. Go back up to the top open JD Element 1 copy and paste as a new layer, resize by 25 percent and free rotate 20 degrees left, arrange to your liking or like I did add same drop shadow.
13. Open JD Element 16, copy & paste as a new layer, resize by 20 percent, arrange at the bottom move this layer below the butterfly, and add same drop shadow.
14. Now we need to resize our tag, you may skip this step if you want to. But this is how I resize my tags. Go down to the bottom layer which is your white background, and x it out. Select the layer above it and go to layers merge visible. Un x the white background.
Go to image resize by 90 percent, then click on the crop tool, and on top where it says snap crop rectangle, click on layer opaque, it’ll give you a crop square around your image, then play around with the nodes until you get the desired size you want, mine was at 570 width and 600 height. Now we can add our name without it looking blurry.
15. Using a font of choice type your name, size depending on your name, make sure the background and fill on your color palette is black, type your name, right click and convert to raster layer, then select all, then float, and defloat, selections, modify, expand by 3, add a new layer above your name, and change your top color to a light grey or I used #e8e8e8. Click on your flood fill tool and flood fill with that color, make sure you get the entire name, select none. Then go to adjust, add or remove noise, uniform checked, and monochrome checked, and noise is 100 percent.

Move this layer below your name layer, right click on name layer and merge down, add a drop shadow 1, 1, 35, 4, color black.
16. Now all you have to do is add any copy right information, and you’re done!
Layers merge all flatten, and save as JPEG.
I sure hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial, and I’m open for any suggestions.

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