Luna's Tutorial - KLUB DEZINES

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Luna's Tutorial - KLUB DEZINES

Post by Luna on Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:46 pm

Pretty In Blue

This Tutorial was written by Gloribell Melendez and assumes you have a working knowledge on Paint Shop Pro 9. Any similarities to another tutorial are entirely coincidental.

I used the wonderful art of Jennifer Janesko. You need a license to use this tube.
Please visit CILM

Scrapkit is FTU called PEACE & LOVE at Jaelop Designs.
Thanks Jael for making such wonderful kits!!!
Font: Carpenter
Filter: Eye Candy 4000-Gradient Glow
Template: HERE

Since the kit we are using is full-sized expect to resize elements quite a bit.Also we are going to use the Manual Color Correction and Inner Bevel.

Let's Start!
Open the Pretty in Blue Template.To work on a copy of the template, duplicate by hitting "Shift-D" on your keyboard. Close original.

Open your image tube.On your Materials Palette click on the Foreground and select a color from your tube.Minimize your tube.Now, click on the Mask layer to select it on your template.Go to Adjust/Color Balance/Manual Color Correction.Your Target Color should be already selected (blue)For the Source use the 128 Grey. Click OK

Click on the Frame-Inside layer to activate it.With your magic wand click inside.Now open Paper-4 and resize by 20% Smart Size.Copy and Paste the paper as a New Layer on your tag.Go to Selections/Invert. Hit Delete.Selections/Select None.

Open Element-12 (White Frame). Resize using the same settings as before (20% Smart Size).Copy and Paste as a new layer. Fix it on top of your paper. Add Shadow of choice.
Click on the paper layer.Copy and Paste your tube. Resize as necesary to fit inside the Frame.Delete any excess past the frame. Add Shadow of choice.

Click on the Bar-Inside layer to make it active.With your magic wand click inside.Now open Paper-4 again and resize by 20% Smart Size.Copy and Paste the paper as a New Layer on your tag.Go to Selections/Invert. Hit Delete.Selections/Select None.

Open Element-24 (round gem with diamonds). Resize, same settings.Now go to Adjust/Hue-Saturation/Hue-Saturation-Lightnesswith these settings Hue:43, Saturation:0, Lightness:0Click OK.That will give you a saphire looking gem color.Paste it as a new layer over the right corner of the white frame.Repeat on the rest of the corners. Add Shadow to all gems.

Open the image-tube of your choice.Paste it as a new layer under the White Frame.

Resize to your like and delete any excess.Give it a shadow.
Click on the Bar-Frame layer.Open Element-29 (blue threaded ribbon). ResizePaste as a new layer and position so the left side overlaps the Bar-Frame a little.Add Shadow.

Open Element-25 (little blue ribbon). Resize.Place it over the first gap of the threaded ribbon.Add shadow. Click on one of the gem layers. Duplicate and fix it on top of the ribbon.
Open Element-13 (blue-red dots). ResizeGo Image/Rotate/Rotate-Clockwise 90.Position it to the right of the frame.Drag this layer above the Mask Layer. Duplicate and go to Image/Rotate/Free Rotate-Left-90, on single layer.

Position this to your left showing above the bar frame.Go to Layers/Merge/Merge DownGive a Gradient Glow from Eye Candy 4000 with the following settings:

Or Add Shadow using blue color instead of a Black/Grey one.
Open Element-35a (large baby breath branch).Resize by 50% Smart Size.Paste as a new layer above the Mask Layer. Position to the left of the White Frame.Delete all excess showing at bottom. Add a Shadow.
Now open the flowers and leaves for the bouquet.I used #14,17,33 and 8 (leaves). Resize all by 10% Smart Size.Open the large baby breath again and resize by 20% Smart Size.
At this time you can arrange the bouquet by pasting as new layerall the above elements.Add shadow to all. Check the example tag as a guide.

Now is the time to add your name and copyright info.
Apply the inner bevel settings below and the Gradient Glow to both the Wordart and your name.

Save your tag and you're done!!

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