AMI TOU Update 8/17/09

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AMI TOU Update 8/17/09

Post by Rhonda on Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:31 pm

Two new updates that should help everyone know what they can/can't do about Animation & Colourising for Ismaels Art .

9. No animated body parts, or excessive animation is allowed to be used on AMI artist images. Blinking and light noise used in hair and clothing is acceptable. No waving, breathing, dancing, squirming, pulsating, jiggling, bobbing, nodding, puckering, twitching or other movement is allowed.
EXCEPTION: Ismael Rac Tubes ONLY: Ismael Rac allows limited tasteful animation. This does not include sexual simulations and anything that takes the artistic integrity from the artwork. If in doubt, please email an example to for approval.

10. Greyscaling of images, mirroring or transposing is allowed, as well as monotone color changes. However, any other color changes is unacceptable. You cannot pick and choose where to add or change the colors. Any changes must be a single hue/tone. Multiple, single tone colour changes are permitted as long as there is one, unaltered, main tube/image on the tag as well.
EXCEPTION: Ismael Rac tubes ONLY: Allows clothing and accessory color changes. Adding colored steaks or changing the streaks in hair is also allowed. You may also add text to t-shirts and hats in the tubes as long as it does not violate term #13 of the AMI TOU. Monotone or colorizing sections of a tube is acceptable. Any other coloring changes (including skin tone) to Ismael Rac Tubes will need approval from AMI staff at before use.
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