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Post by Rhonda on Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:56 pm

©️ Azurylipfe
©️ Azurylipfe

These may NOT be used in any way
1 : the pieces from the "Atlantis" ("tears for atlantis" part 1 & 2 and "hope for Atlantis" "Symphony for Atlantis") and "keeper of the golden apple" and every piece in the future that contains the name "Atlantis" in it
2 : The Mystic dreamer Tarot deck , may NOT be used/altered in any way. Its published by Llewellyn. Display on your site can be done if a link is provided to my DeviantArt gallery and to
3: Also commissions i made ( you can see those here ), may not be used in any way.
4: pieces with my son and husband in them:)
Banners,brushes, wallpapers and avatars, I DO NOT ALLOW, sorry for that:)
Emailsets and websets are fine, as long as they are Not For Sale and all include my copyright info and working links to my site.
Tutorials for psp : You can use my art in your tutorials with the same rules as for sig tags etc ( rules from above:) )
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