Artists Allowing Animation\Colorization Updated Nov '09

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Artists Allowing AnimationColorization Updated Nov '09

Post by Rhonda on Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:27 pm

From MPT:

Here is the current list of all MPT artists that allow full animation!

Aiya Riordan
Alex Franco
Andreas Rocha
Anna Liwanag
Armando Huerta
Artzy Basheff

Baron Von Lind
Big Chris

Cane Hoyer
Carlos Cartagena
Carmen Keys
Carri Travis
Christine Kotlark
Crystalex Graphics

Dark Yarrow
Denis Rino
Diana Martinez
Dirk Richter

Elias Chatzoudis
Emerald de Leeuw (tags only, no other creations)
Eos Sparks
Eugene Rzhevskii

Ida Larsen
Irene Shpak

Jason Patterson
Jeff Wilkie
John Schwegel
Jon Rattenbury

Keith Garvey (“Toons” only, no pinups)
Kim Draper

Marco Guaglione
Mark Blanton
Matt Hughes
Maxine Gadd
Michael Calandra
Michael Dipascale
Mike James
Misty Benson

Nicolas Rivet (includes Nils Kamafun Series)
Nikki Burnette

Ray Leaning
Regan Kubecek
Rene Kunert

Simon Han

Tim Lowery

Unholy Vault Designs

Valerie DeMichel

Wendy Kathleen

Allowing colorizations:

Ray Leaning
Marjolein Gulinski's B/W images only
Zindy Zone (no longer with MPT)
Lara Addams
Jolene Burke

Allows use of images to be used with MPT artists only
If using with a different MPT artist, copyright should read:

©️Artist name and URL
Background image ©️Artist name
MPT License number

Jon Rattenbury
Unholy Vault Designs Sets (not the regular tubes)
Jolene Burke (not the tubes, images only)

Please note, that Keith Garvey's scrap backgrounds can only be
used with Keith Garvey's tubes.
Elias Chatzoudis' scrap backgrounds can only be used with Elias
Chatzoudis' tubes.


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