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Post by Rhonda on Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:25 pm

Graphic from ccdsscratchtubeheaven


Please if you use my tubes, do NOT put a copyright by me.
I would suggest if you are using these for sigtags,
then I would put....tagged by (your name) and then graphic
from...OR graphic made by...then the site name.
This protects the graphic maker as well as the person using them.

The one thing I ask is that you please do not
include them in any other tube collection,
nor claim them to be your own.
Also these tubes may NOT be sold or used for profit in ANY way!

For example, you may NOT use these to make candy wrappers.
If you put these on a candy wrapper and sell them, then you
are using them for profit. They may NOT be used on commercial
sites, or auctions, etc.

Now, with that said Smile.... All my tubes are on a transparent background and shown at 50% unless otherwise indicated. The drop shadow is not included, however there are a few tubes that may have a drop shadow applied. Click on the picture to download each tube. If you have any problems with these downloads, please email me and let me know.
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