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MPT Element Packs TOU

Post by Rhonda on Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:49 pm

Unholy Vault Designs!

Released today are 3 element packs from Unholy Vault Designs. These are full sized elements in the packages. Something very special for these packages of elements. You may use these elements with any MPT artist.

--Here are the TOU for these element packages:
1. You may use them with any MPT artist, or on their own. No other

2. For copyright:

a) If you are using the elements on their own, you must use the normal
copyright for Unholy Vault Designs and your MPT license number.

b) If you are using a different artist tube with the elements, here is how you
would put on the copyright:

©️Artist name and URL
Background elements ©️Unholy Vault Designs
MPT License number

3. If you use any of these elements in a tutorial, you must link back to Unholy Vault Designs AND MPT within the body of the tutorial. (MPT does not have to be on the tag).
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