Mistaken Art TOU Update 6/09

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Mistaken Art TOU Update 6/09

Post by Rhonda on Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:42 pm

About Mixing FTU and PTU artists.
6. You MAY NOT “mix” Artists from MTA From any other licensing company in your creations however you MAY mix pieces from the same Artist. You may also, Use Photos and fractals licensed at MtA With other licensed ART from MtA Only.

If using FTU art with PTU Art, The copyright goes with the PTU Art.

Example of crediting is as follows

Art ©️Kinky Jimmy www.kjimmy.deviantart.com

Photo by Mis www.m-i-s.deviantart.com


We've also Made allowance for OE Stationery designers.

8. Any stationery (stats) created featuring MTA Artists or Photographers MUST contain copyright credits in two places.

1. By the actual artwork on the stat.

2. In the credits at the bottom of the stat

• Outlook Express Stationery- You may Use MTA Art and Scraps for sideborder and Header Only Stats. You must however Credit as Follows:

MTA Artist Copyright - MTA LICENSE - Tagged By - OE Stat Only
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